What is Possible for Your Project?

As a strong production partner I am offering you 18+ years of experience creating audio for games.

Through my years of experience I know that no projects are alike they are all different and challenging. I find it interesting to work on all projects ranging from AAA games to small scale productions. Whatever project I am working on I always enjoy trying to break the limits of what people think is possible for their project. People are often surprised.

What does your Project Need?

I always take the time needed to understand and getting to know your project so I will be able to give you the best advice and help you choose the perfect audio solution for your production.

My services include:

Sound Design
Unique and custom sound design, anything from a single sound effect to a full-scale production.
Original music composed to fit the style and vibe of your product.
Directing and recording dialog and voice expressions.
Audio Implementation
Setting up sounds, music and dialog using the audio tool of your choice.
Post Production
Audio mixing, editing and processing.
Audio Direction and Advice
Help choosing the best audio solution and -direction for your product.

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