Simon Holm List

I am a 40-year-old sound designer and composer who has been involved in video games since 1989. What started out as an ambitious project with two high school friends laid the path to what in 1997 became my professional life, creating music and sound design for computer- and video games.

My experience includes:

  • Audio direction and -lead knowing what it takes to reach the goals and visions for a project - both technically and creatively
  • Sound design for in-game effects, ambiences, animations, menus, cutscenes and trailers
  • Composing music for title screens, menus, in-game levels and trailers
  • Audio implementation using Unreal Engine, Wwise, FMOD, AudioGUI, Glacier 1 & -2 and others
  • Recording dialog, voice expressions and sounds in general
  • Working with systems such as project management, source control, bug management and more
  • Working and communicating with people in a technical and artistical work environment


In early 1999 I joined Io Interactive to do the sound design for their first game, Hitman: Codename 47. After the successful release of the game in 2000 I stayed with Io Interactive to improve my professional skills as a sound designer and to create high quality sound design for their AAA games.

In 2002 I was contacted by komogvind.dk to do the audio for a few Flash games on their game site, I ended up creating music and sound effects for 11 of their games. The limited amount of RAM available for these projects somewhat reminded me of creating audio for games in the late 80s and early 90s; when it is possible to create only a few sounds for a game each sound really has to stand out.

In the meantime my work at Io Interactive continued for years but in 2011 it was time for me to move on. I joined Reto-Moto, a small game developer company with many familiar faces from the early years at Io Interactive.

After three years at Reto-Moto I started the company Tik Tak Tones - in order to work as a freelance composer and sound designer creating music and sound effects for games and interactive medias.

Enjoy your stay and have a nice day,

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